T-shirt Designs: Firecracker

A group of friends asked for some t-shirt designs to help support their fellow employee who is fighting a battle with cancer.

Business Card 2023

A fresh new redesign of my personal business card I created to promote my free-lance business as a Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Fine Artist.

king's Clean up

King’s Clean Up, a premium lawn care and maintenance startup, needed a vector-based logo to use on marketing matierials such as pamphlets and magnets.

Brian's Bagels

Created several Adobe Illustrator vector-based logo designs for a local bagel startup company here in the Dallas, Texas area.

Patient Portal Postcard: Mailer

A postcard that is sent out to educate and inform the patients and their families about the Patient Portal.

Patient Portal Postcard: Handout

Bilingual handout (English and Spanish) given to patients explaining some of the services the Patient Portal has to offer.

Patient Portal Postcard: Handout

A handout explaining the steps to create a Patient Portal account on one side and a list of services that are available within the Patient Portal on the other side.

Patient Portal: Handout

Informational handout provided to the patients and familes with a detachable card listing services available within the portal site.

Patient Portal: Handout

A informational brochure that is available to the patient with a detachable perferated card reminding the patient what services are available within the Patient Portal.

Patient Portal Table Tent

A table tent that was placed in the cafateria to promote and remind the patients and their famililes what services are available within the Patient Portal.

Patient Portal Computer Wrap

A computer wrap that is attached to the computer screen; Letting the patients know what services are available to them when they signed up to the Patient Portal.

Patient Portal Magnet

A magnet clipped to the patients paperwork allowing the patient to put their reminders in a readily available wiewing space such as a refridgerator or on a magnetic board.

Patient Portal Digital Display

Graphics used through out the Moffitt Cancer Center campus to promote the benefits of signing up for the Patient Portal.

Mobile Phone Icons

Various mobile phone icons used for the various different applications developed by the web developers.

Desktop Backgrounds

Desktop backgrounds used to display on the computers through out the Moffitt Cancer Center.

Business Card

My personal business card that I created to promote my free-lance business as a Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Fine Artist.

Art Exhibition Poster 2004

An art exhibition poster for one of my fine art shows for June 4th in New Orleans back in 2004 at Chet's.

Porfolio Labels

Portfolio labels used to give further information about my art pieces displayed in my art exhibitions.

Clawson Carshow Flyer

A flyer promoting the yearly get together for friends and family at my house for the Clawson carshow; just a block down on Main street.

Orb Figure

A Illustrator drawing used as a basis for an intranet site. Used to make several varations to represent each team member on intranet site at WellCare.

Logo Design

A logo designed for a night club DJ/VJ. The logo was also designed so that the background could be removed in order for the logo to be used on TV screens.


These are several advertisments created for Skintastic. A fullservice skincare salon located in Clearwater Florida.

Art Exhibition T-shirt

Art Exhibition t-shirt used at several of my art shows. Designed to look like a shirt you would buy from a concert venue.

Don Mexico Postcard: Mailer

A postcard created to promote the release of the Don Mexico brand which featured beer, wine and tequila.