Patient Portal Login Page:

The Patient Portal login screen accessed from the web site.

Patient Portal Login Page:

The Patient Portal login screen accessed from the web site.

Electronic Learning Management Center (eLMC)

The eLMC system is a web site that employees use to take online and mandatory training to advance their careers.

Interpreter Services Online (ISO)

A dashboard used to pair patients, whose first language is not English, with interpreters who speak the same language and be a liason between family and medical staff.

Developer Template

A resource site designed for the web developers to download files to use as a starting point in new projects, as well as, copy code snippets to use within their newly created projects.

Presentation Templates

Two web sites with different color schemes used to present a new web site look and feel, font options, icons and general layout options to the clients.

Moffitt Tutorials

A web site for Moffitt patients to utilize and look up information about various sections of the Moffitt patient portal.

Accent Health

A web site created for the clients to select which flash videos that play over their on air network within their office.

Bradford Mohr Personal Web site

This is my old personal porfolio web site designed in Adobe Flash; featuring graphic design, web design and fine artwork.

Clarity Services

Clarity Services is Experian’s real-time credit bureau that covers alternative financial services and buy now pay later products and data.


WellCare Health Plans, Inc. is an American health insurance company that provides managed care services primarily through Medicaid, and other services.

WellCare University

WellCare University is an internal site for employees to further their career path by taking several online classes provided by WellCare.

Wellcare Web Services

Web Services was an internal team web site which hosted Change Requests, Train Material, Shared Documents Reporting, Weekly Minute and various other forms.

Verizon F1 Server Lab

A site that housed the documentation and photos for all servers in the F1 lab. Developers utilized this site when they needed resources for their various projects.

Maverck Interactive

Maverick Interactive was a small design company specializing in Web Design, SEO, Marketing and Advertising, Video and Audio Production and additional services.

Legends Field

Tampa Bay Yankees are the minor league team of the New York Yankees. These are preliminary mockups for the developmental team located in Tampa Florida.


Emergency web site designs that provide area medical numbers and patient beds counts available in case a disaster affected Tampa and its surrounding areas.